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02 June 2011 @ 05:48 pm

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04 June 2009 @ 11:06 pm
 Okay, So last week the guy I like(let's just call him M.Y.)'s brother was helping out my favourite teacher(and let's call her Mme or Madame). By my favourite teacher I mean, I can tell her anything, she always gives me advice on EVERYTHING, she lets me skip class and stay in her classroom, she gets me starbucks and vice versa, and I can just talk to her like a friend instead of a teacher. Anyways moving on.... so one day last week i went to visit her in her classroom, and i peeked my head in --not knowing that M.Y.'s brother(let's just call him D.Y.) was going to be there-- and asked one of the students if she was around. Then D.Y. turned around and saw me. He gave me the most horrifyingly scary/dirty looks on the planet!!! It was so bad I almost felt like crying after the fact of the matter. Okay, back on topic, then he asked in the rudest tone ever, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" So he told me she wasn't there in an extremely impolite way, and told one of the students to make sure to close the door once i left. I am pretty sure, no exaggeration, that he asked the student to make sure it was locked. Then the next day, me myself just thinking 'Oh, it was probably him only visiting or something.' went to see Madame during her gym class to ask her when i could come visit her so as to not disturb her class. It was me and my friend Dina(the previous owner to this account). So i went in and she stayed right outside the gym doors, I saw D.Y. out of the corner of my eye but decided it was best to ignore him. So i was talking to her and stuff and then i walked out. When the we were out of hearing distance to the gym Dina --already knowing about the first encounter with him-- yelled, "HOLY SHIT!! D.Y. was like RAWR!!! He was giving you the dirtiest look ever, and i can't even begin to think why the hell i wanted to go say hi!" Anyways, so me and my friend Polly were sitting in math class and passing notes, and i told her the exact story right above pretty much, and the thought never occured to me but she asked me what if M.Y. told D.Y., cause they are brothers and they are really close too. So I went and told Madame just yesterday, I told her the complete story, first of all she was shocked(considering she has known D.Y. for about 7 years now even though he graduated last year) and second of all she was like.... "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!  .... jerk-off." It<s nice to know someone is on your side, but i just wish i could read M.Y. and D.Y.s' minds. It would really help... cause what if i am just misunderstanding. I have very little faith that it is a misunderstanding, but a smidgen will do for now.

Next part is all M.Y.
So me and M.Y. have officially settled on to talking terms. I think the awkwardness died down when I stopped talking to him, and gave him some space. Anyways, so the weirdest thing happened. We were in the library and i was sitting one table away from him, i smiled and waved at him when i had taken my seat but that was it. But you know when you feel eyes on you. It's like this tingly sensation I get down my back or wherever they are staring. I looked around and then i saw his eyes retreat back to his page. It happened a few more times before the bell went,but it was weird. Also usually on messenger he NEVER talks to me it usually feels like a one woman conversation. But this time it was him, not completely because i was the one who started talking to him, but it was to ask a question about our band trip(<--- sorry irrelevant), and then he just carried the conversation. I was amazed. Even now, in band or when I see him I have started to make decent conversation. We have so much common ground, and it's nice to have someone like that. We aren't really close. But close enough for me. Talking terms is a new level that i can handle.

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Lyrics I LOVE----

Hide the Key,
Cause I'm coming over,
To settle the score whoa-o,
Don't forget how well I know you,
Stop Asking,
Keep Dancing.
-The Cab                                                                  

One thing is clear,
I wear a HALO
-Bethany Joy Galeotti

this heart,
it beats,
beats for only you,
Games that never amount,
To more than they're meant,
Will play themselves out...
    -Glen Hansard     

You still speak of
                       -Dallas Green





05 May 2009 @ 07:22 pm

All Alone with nowhere to go,

I look for a way to get back home,

With no one in sight and nowhere to run,

I try to keep my head up and wait for the sun.

But there is



To guide me through this,



This hour of darkness.